Kahan Mental Health

Specialization in psychoanalytics

Psychological support to go through the processes of change.

“The first step in solving a problem is to accept it and look for help.

We build a bond and trust with the patient, and through purposeful dialogue uncover the challenges, process them, and work together to find the answers. Of course all information discussed is kept under the strictest confidentiality.

Lic. Jazmín Kahan

(M.N. 43913)

How can we help you?

Possible reasons for consultation, who we work and have experience with

  • Feeling of depression and anguish for no apparent reason
  • Obsessive-compulsive rituals
  • Anxiety. Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Mourning. Loss of a loved one
  • Migratory processes
  • Moving and stress
  • Job loss. Unemployment
  • Accidents and post traumatic stress
  • Separations
  • Puerperium. Postpartum depression
  • Parenting conflicts.
  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Relationship disputes. Romantic and others.


Our Proposal

We provide care for adults with a psychoanalytic approach.

Our sessions are conducted remotely, either by video call (with camera) or by a phone call.

The analyst approaches all conversations with empathy and applies analytical listening.  During the meeting, the conversation is promoted and it is through dialogue that the search for the best version of oneself is facilitated.  No ethical or moral judgement is not made during the analytical process..

The possible reasons for consultation are many and varied, and each person’s reason is unique.  And there is no single valid reason to start the journey … there is no an absolute truth.

It is always about the truth of the speaking subject.  That is the starting point.  The uniqueness of each subject: case by case. 

It is in the transference relationship between the patient and the analyst in which something new, unexpected emerges, something that moves the subject and allows him or her to see that in the middle of a crisis there is an opportunity for positive change.


My journey as a psychologist..

I studied at the University of Buenos Aires, at the department of psychology.
In2007 I received Bachelor of Psychology degree, with Honors. (Average: 8.97)

Since 2008, I have worked as an adult clinical psychologist, both in private practice and in mental health institutions.
I completed specializations and various refresher courses, including:
Postgraduate Specialization in Psychoanalytic Clinic (Gold Center)
Ministry of Health. Postgraduate Course: “Analytical practice: the traumatic”. Dictated at the Hospital Gral. De Agudos Dr. T. Álvarez (Annual course)
Ministry of Health. Postgraduate Course: “The Analytical Intervention”, given at the Htal Gral. De Agudos Dr. T. Álvarez. Cultural center
Konex Community Leadership Program
Study groups and supervision

In addition, I taught at the University of Buenos Aires (U.B.A), as an Assistant Professor (Subjects: Ethics and Human Rights and Social Psychology).



+54 9 11 4193-4618